Sunday, 26th May 2019 [ 8:24:00 AM ]
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Client Charter

  1. To obtain management decision within 14 working days for development projects which require roadmap of project implementation.
  2. To forward monthly performance and progress report on direct assistance projects to Ministry of Federal Territories.
  3. To ensure the feedback for approval by Bumiputera quota unit is within 2 months from the date of receipt of completed application.
  4. To give feedback on lease and purchase application of land, joint venture projects and application for parking bays within 7 working days after decision has been made in the management meeting.
  5. To sign development proposed plans for the purposes of development approvals for DBKL privatized projects in within 14 working days from the date of receipt of completed plans.
  6. To ensure each telco application received is decided in the DBKL Telecommunication Committee Meeting within 14 working days.
  7. To present revised application report of RUMAWIP to Ministry of Federal Territories in within 2 months from the last date of receipt of supporting documents.