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Our Services


Ensure that each types of license’s application process and decision be made according to the Client’s Charter and assure that monitoring and law enforcement is systematically implemented to improve the controlled business development.


  1. To set up and implement licensing policies set by the administration of City Hall

  2. Processing and issuing business licenses to applicants others license application based on rules and regulations with Kuala Lumpur City Hall as a local authority

  3. Menguatkuasa undang-undang dan syarat-syarat semua lesen yang dikeluarkan oleh jabatan untuk mewujudkan aktiviti dan komuniti perniagaan yang lebih berdisiplin dan bertanggungjawabTo enforce the rules and regulation of all licenses issued by the department in order to create a more disciplined and responsible business community

  4. To control and ensure a good work ethics within the business community both formal and informal

  5. To plan the necessities of a well proper balanced development for petty traders center in creating a more systematic and high-class small business system

  6. To plan and promote the growth of the business sector contributing to the economic growth which sustain a clean, healthy environment and maintain the beauty of Kuala Lumpur

  7. Acting as a revenue collector department to Kuala Lumpur City Hall and the tax collector to the federal government through collection of entertainment tax and licenses fees