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Certificate of completion and compliance-Form F

: Judith Siew
Maklumbalas / Pertanyaan
: Please advise how to extract a copy of CCC or Form F
for a private house located in Kuala Lumpur.

01 July 2016 15:03

Jawapan Maklumbalas



To obtain the certifiet true copy of CCC / F Form from DBKL, dont hesitate to visit our representative at :

Main Counter,
Jabatan Kawalan dan Pengawasan Bangunan, DBKL
29th Floor, Menara DBKL 3,
Jalan Raja Abdullah, KL

Tel  : 03-2617 6644

to fill up the searching form and you been advise to bring supporting document (ie: land grant or S&P.. etc) that revelent to above said building.

Thank you


01 July 2016 15:24