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Client Charter


To ensure that applications which are complete and comply to the terms and conditions of licensing are processed and results of applicants are issued within the stipulated period according to the categories of license types as follows: 



 1.1 Composite License (Premise & Bill Boards)  

(Permanent) License
14 Days
(Conditional License) 

  Express Process  * Immediate
  Online JKP Process 7
  Process through Committee Meeting 14 - 30
1.2 Petty Traders License 
  Market Berbangunan License * Same Day * Same Day
  Petty Traders License Centre * Same Day * Same Day
  Farmers Market License * Same Day * Same Day
  Open Market License 14 * Same Day
  Midnight Bazaria License 14 * Same Day
  Night Market License 14 * Same Day
  Street Petty Traders License 20 * Same Day
  Seasonal Petty Traders License 20 * Same Day
  Mobile(Beredar) Petty Traders License 20 * Same Day
1.3 Advertisement License
  Bill Boards Only 7 Automatic
  Lamp Post Advertisement * Same Day -
  Banners * Same Day -
  Balloons * Same Day -
  Temporary Display 14 -
  Outdoor Display 30 14
1.4 Entertainment Activities License 
  Night Entertainment 14 - 30 14
  Entertainment Games 14 - 30 14
  Current Entertainment 14 -
  Cinema Entertainment 21 14
1.5 Liqour License **14 - 30 **21
1.6 Private Parking Space License ****14 - 21 14
1.7  Various License
  Auctioneer License ***14 7
  Petition Writer License * Same Day * Same Day
  Exhumation of Graves License * Same Day -
 * Applications received after 4.00 pm will be processed on the following working day  
 ** From the date of Excise License Board Meeting.  
 *** DFrom the date of the courts interview results   
 **** From the date of parking space licence committee meeting



To Ensure that the Licensing Committee Meeting is held/executed according to the stipulated as follows:

 i. Premise Licensing Committee weekly 
 ii. Advertisement Licensing Committee(Outdoor Display) Once a month 
 iii. Excise Licensing Board Once every 3 months
iv. Parking Space Committee Once a month
 3. Application for change of owners name and/or company name that has complied to the licensing terms and conditions will be processed and the result of the application will be issued within 14 working days from the date of receiving the application.
 4. To give early feedback for complaints from clients within 1 working day and to take action against any complaints within 3 working days.
 5. To provide complaint papers for court action within 60 working days after the first compound notice have been issued (if the compound payment have not been settled)  
6. To provide a comfortable counter service environment and to give immediate service and willing to assist.