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1. What is meant by a development plan?
According to the Federal Territory (Planning) Act 1982 [Act 267] a development plan related to the areas specifically pertaining to the following :
Local plan for the area; or
  b. If there is no local plan for the area the structure plan for the area.
What is the Kuala Lumpur Structure Plan 2020 (KLSP2020)?
KLSP2020 is a written statement accompanied by diagrams, illustrations and other pertaining matters that contains the vision, goals, strategies, development policies and proposals on the development and landuse of Kuala Lumpur. It's vision to make Kuala Lumpur a world class city by year 2020.
When was Kuala Lumpur Structure Plan 2020 gazetted?
Kuala Lumpur Structure Plan 2020 was approved by the Federal Territory Minister on the 12th of August 2004 and gazetted for adoption on 4th November 2004.
Where can the public get information and documents related to Kuala Lumpur Structure Plan 2020?
What is meant by Kuala Lumpur City Plan 2020 Draft (Draft KLCP 2020)?
Draft KLCP 2020 is a detailed lot based plan that determines landuse zoning, development intensity, use clases and planning guidelines for the purpose of the development control.
What are the documents contained in the Draft KLCP 2020?
The documents contained in the Draft KLCP 32020 comprises of :
  a. Volume 1 (KL City 2020 Plan),
  b. Volume 2 (Part 1-KL Development Control City Plan 2020),
  c. Volume 2 (Part 2-Land Use and Intensity Maps),
  d. Volume 4 (Kampong Bharu).                      
At what stage were the public involved in the preparation of Draft KLCP 2020?

According to Act 267, the public can voice their opinions and objections after the Draft KLCP2020 is completed.


However, City Hall has taken early steps by involving the citizens of Kuala lumpur before the completion of Draft KLCP 2020 by having talk sessions with residents’ associations and focus group discussions (FGD) from 7th December 2005 untill 28th May 2006.




In line with Act 267, the public was directly involved in the launching of the Draft KLCP 2020 on 15th May 2008. City Hall had exhibitions sessions from 15th May 2008 to 30th August 2008. During that period, the public gave their views and submitted formal objections to be heard by the Public Hearing Committee (JKPPA).


Even though the objection period ended on 30th August 2008, City Hall’s efforts in involving the public did not end at the public hearing stage. Untill now, City Hall has taken initiatives to inform the public by conducting workshops and meetings with stakeholders on the amendments made before the Draft KLCP 2020 is finalized.

How many objections or public views were received and considered during the public hearing period?

According to the Draft KLCP 2020 public hearing statistics, there were 5,052 representations received and 62,224 views considered by the Public Hearing Committee (JKPPA).

When did the Public Hearing Committee (JKPPA) submitted the Public Hearing Report to the Mayor?

JKPPA officially submitted the Public Hearing Report to the Mayor of Kuala Lumpur on the 20th of October 2009.

What is the current preparation status of the Draft KLCP 2020?

Currently, City Hall is making amendments to Draft KLCP 2020 based on the recommendations from JKPPA, feedback from the workshops, and latest policies from the government.

Where can the public get information and documents related to Draft Kuala Lumpur City Plan 2020?