Client Charter


To plan the development of the capital in an efficient, organised, controlled and transparent manner to make the city grow and remain competitive through the approval of development orders, building plans and earthworks within the prescribed period from the date of receipt of complete application.


To facilitate and to encourage business and ensure consumer safety through the adoption of quality business activities to generate high performance economic growth in the capital.


To provide and to maintain public facilities and infrastructure which are of quality, adequate, efficient, user-friendly and accessible to meet the needs of the city residents.


To provide localised social / community development activities with the residents' associations / Non Governmental Organisations based on the schedule in each parliamentary constituency at least 2 times a month to foster a culture among the society that is united and harmonious.


To ensure that the initial feedbacks to the complainants are given within 24 hours and to provide the update on the status of implementation of the actions taken at least within 3 days of receipt of the complaint and to follow through to completion.

Online Services

To ensure that all online services are accessible at all times (24 hours x 7 days).


To manage the collection of revenue efficiently and to spend prudently.


To enforce laws and regulations in a fair, transparent and continuously for the wellbeing and safety of the city residents through notices issued.

Human Capital

To ensure the continuous development of human capital to produce a competent workforce.