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Background Department

Internal Audit Department (JAD) Kuala Lumpur City Hall has been established officially began July 1, 2011. The department is led by Director (WA54) with a total strength of 29 officers and staff. Director of Internal Audit reports directly to the Mayor of Kuala Lumpur.

In line with the complexity of the functions and responsibilities of Kuala Lumpur City Hall, schedule has been developed into five parts:-

  1. Planning Audit Division
  2. Socio-Economic Development Audit Division
  3. Project Management Audit Division
  4. Management Audit Division
  5. Administration and Financial Division

Chronological development of this Department are summarized as follows:-

Report to
No. of Officers & Staff
Auditing Field
Establishment of Review & Audit Section, Treasury Department
City Treasurer
32 staff
Internal Audit Unit was established due to segregation of Audit Function from Review.
City Treasurer
32 staff
Internal Audit Unit placed under the Director General
Director General
32 staff
Internal Audit Unit issued from the Finance Department and placed under the Mayor of Kuala Lumpur (Treasury Circular No. 9 of 2004)
Mayor of Kuala Lumpur
52 staff
Finance & Performance
Internal Audit Unit upgraded as a department
Mayor of Kuala Lumpur
26 staff
Finance, Performance, ICT & Investigation
Change of Director
Mayor of Kuala Lumpur
Jusa C
32 staff
Finance, Performance, ICT & Investigation
Change of Director
Mayor of Kuala Lumpur
29 staff
Finance, Performance, ICT & Investigation


To become the major contributor towards excellence in the accounting and financial management systems of Kuala Lumpur City Hall in accordance with best practices and the enhancement of competencies in the public sector.


To conduct audits in an honest, trustworthy and independent manner and submit balanced reports to the Mayor of Kuala Lumpur and the top management in order to enhance the management accountability of Kuala Lumpur City Hall.

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Conduct audits in accordance with the Yearly Audit Plan to ensure that all activities and responsibilities carried out by departments conform to the law, financial events, financial regulations, procedures and circulars used by the Kuala Lumpur City Hall and submit the audit results to the Mayor.

Help maintain the image of the Kuala Lumpur City Hall in terms of financial management in a proper and orderly manner.

The main functions of the Internal Audit Department are as follow:

  1. To determine whether financial operations are being managed in a orderly manner, and all policies, rules and reguations are being followed.
  2. To determine the soundness, completeness and reliability of the records in the Accounting System and Internal Control System.
  3. To accurately and systematically evalute the completeness, adequacy, efficiency and effectiveness of operations at Kuala Lumpur City Hall and departments below it.
  4. To recommend ways to improve the management of finances, stocks and other resources to increase accountability.
  5. To submit independent and impartial reports to the Mayor regarding the operations at Kuala Lumpur City Hall departments so that the Mayor can make decisions accordingly.

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The Audit Department is responsible for conducting financial management audits and performance audits. Financial Management Audits include the examination of financial systems, internal controls, and financial records to determine whether expenses, revenues, assets and stores have been handled according to related laws, regulations and instructions. Performance Audits on the other hand include the evaluation of an organization’s activities to determine whether their goal has been reached and resources have used prudently, effiectively and efficiently.