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Background Department

The public relations function of Kuala Lumpur City Hall was already in existence in the 1970s and was then administrated by the City Secretariat. In 1995, these functions were taken over by the Organization Management Department. Then in 2006, the unit was placed under the Administration Department and was called the Public and International Affairs Unit.

In 2008, the unit was again re-named to the Corporate Communications Unit, in line with City Hall Administration’s intention to develop the image of the organization. From 1st of July 2011, this department known as Corporate Planning Department. This name change gave a more accurate and current picture of the functions of the unit.


Towards developing the positive image of Kuala Lumpur City Hall through efficient and effective communications with its stakeholders.


To plan, manage and implement efforts that develop a positive image of Kuala Lumpur City Hall.

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Ensure effective communications with stakeholders as well as establishing a network of international contacts while enhancing Kuala Lumpur’s image as a World Class City.


  1. Establish good relations and cooperation between Kuala Lumpur City Hall and city dwellers as well as other government agencies and the private sector for the purpose of improving service deliver as well as mutual understanding and goodwill.
  2. Provide and disseminate accurate and positive information about the administration of Kuala Lumpur City Hall as well as provide feedback on comments, complaints and issues raised by the mass media.
  3. Ensuring good relations with international organisations and the coordination of overseas and domestic trips.
  4. Assist and facilitate clients who deal with City Hall in obtaining services, information and advisory services.
  5. Ensure feedback on complaints to the department is issued as soon as possible or at the latest within three days from the date of receipt.
  6. Coordinate festive celebrations, functions and official Kuala Lumpur City Hall events.
  7. Publish all printed and electronic material and ensure that they are disseminated to the right target audience as well as providing the latest an most accurate information on Kuala Lumpur City Hall.