Profil Jabatan Kejuruteraan Mekanikal Dan Elektrikal

Background Department

The Mechanical Engineering Department provides supporting services to the other departments of the City Hall of Kuala Lumpur. In line with the expansion of the functions of the City Hall of Kuala Lumpur, the Mechanical Engineering Department now also liaises directly with other governmental agencies and with the public in areas related to mechanical and electrical engineering including enforcement, emergency aids as well as in sporting events.


1977 - First established as Workshop and Store Department

1983 - Name changed to Mechanical Engineering Department

2011 - Known as Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Department following a restructuring of the City Hall of Kuala Lumpur

2014 - Now known as Mechanical Engineering Department

The functions and responsibilities of the department in brief includes:-

  1. Implement procurement, provide transportation services and carry out maintenance works on vehicles, machineries, small machines and other various equipment.
  2. Manage a Central Store for the supply of spare parts and various types of work related materials.
  3. Provide mechanical and electrical engineering consultation services in the implementation of development projects such as public housing, office buildings, mosques, recreational parks and roads. The mechanical and electrical engineering services includes building lift systems, fire fighting systems, domestic water pump systems, building electrical power supply and lighting, recreational fountain systems, swimming pool water treatment systems, building air conditioning systems, cremators and flood mitigation pump systems. Corresponding to this is the function of maintaining public amenities in the form of mechanical and electrical equipment as mentioned above.
  4. Provide consultation services on solid waste management. The department also monitors the performance of the contractor for waste transfer from Taman Beringin Transfer Station.
  5. Provide electrical engineering consultation services in the implementation of development projects such as public housing, office buildings, mosques and public road lighting. Carry out maintenance works on the entire system pertaining to public road and tunnel lighting including related accessories.


To provide engineering and vehicle logistical services to the City Hall of Kuala Lumpur to the end of making Kuala Lumpur a world class city.


We strive to provide and produce services which fulfil the needs and requirements of client departments.

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Foster efficient and effective work ethics in planning, designing, implementing, operating, and maintaining mechanical engineering services such as:

  1. Vehicle, heavy machinery and work equipment logistics service.
  2. Building (office) mechanical and electrical services such as elevator systems, fire fighting systems, water supply systems, electrical power, lighting and air conditioning systems.
  3. Public mechanical and electrical facility services such as flood control pump houses, crematoriums, and water fountains.
  4. Solid waste disposal management services.


  1. Plan, analyse needs, manage the acquisition and disposal of all vehicles, machinery and mechanical equipment owned by the departments at Kuala Lumpur City Hall.
  2. Coordinate and manage the supply of vehicles/machinery for the use of the departments at Kuala Lumpur City Hall.
  3. Supervise, monitor, and control of maintenance works on vehicles/machinery and various mechanical facilities in the department workshop or by contract.
  4. Plan the acquisition and upkeep of all spare parts, work equipment, and various materials required by the departments at the Kuala Lumpur City Hall at the Central Store.
  5. Offer consulting services for design, tender, installation and maintenance of mechanical and electrical building services such as elevator systems, escalators, fire fighting systems, air conditioners, water reticulation, electrical power supply, lighting and others for Kuala Lumpur City Hall development project and building assets.
  6. Plan, coordinate and monitor the operations and maintenance of solid waste disposal systems.
  7. Plan, coordinate and monitor the maintenance of public road lighting in the city of Kuala Lumpur.
  8. Offer technical advice services.