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Traffic Compound

Compound Information

Types Of Compound

  1. Traffic offences under the Road Transport Act 1987 and Road Traffic Modes 1959
  2. Car parking offence under the Road Traffic Order (Metered Car Parks) (Federal Territory) 1984 and Road Transport Order (Provision on Car Parks) (Capital City) 1984.

Traffic Compound Rate

  1. Traffic offence under the Road Transport Act 1987 dan Road Traffic Method 1959. The rate is fixed according to the standard rate of the Road Transport Department, Royal Police of Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur City Hall. The rates are as scheduled, with the concept ”the more you delay, the more you pay” effective 1 March 2011 and appeals will not be considered.
  2. Car parking offences under the car parking Order Road Traffic Order (Metered Car Park) (Federal Territory) 1984 and Road Traffic Order (Provision Regarding Car Parks) (City Centre) 1984 are according to the rates fixed.
  3. Those given notices may deal directly at any DBKL payment counter.
  4. Download Traffic Compound Rate for more info.

Payment Venue:

DBKL payment counter and branch offices payment counters

Compound Notice Checks

  1. Mysms 15888 – dbkl saman [vehicle no.]
  2. Aplikasi  DBKL MOBIS
  3. Mobile android application – DBKL
  4. Summon Process Branch, Enforcement Department, DBKL , Jalan Tun Razak,50400 Kuala Lumpur
  5. Branch office payment counter