Traffic & Enforcement

Traffic Management

Traffic Management Permit Are Issued By Urban Transportation Department

Each party that wishes to have an activity that will affect traffic flow or cause road closures will have to apply for a permit from KL City Hall.

This is to control and monitor such activities while ensuring the safety of road users. 

Permits and management plans included are :

  1. Heavy Vehicle Movement Permit - permit for lorries to transport materials and permit for limited access hours
  2. Traffic Management Plan - road excavation work
  3. Temporary Public Road Closure Permit (not exceeding 3 days)

What activities require a Temporary Closure Permit?

Many events require room on roads to set up camps and stages to add to the festivities. Therefore, parties involved must apply for a Temporary Closure Permit that does not exceed 3 days for the following activities :

  1. Events organised by the Ministry, government agencies, or private companies
  2. Promotions in commercial housing areas
  3. Small-scale events such as Family Day, weddings, and funerals