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Client Charter


  1. Prepare the annual budget DBKL to obtain the approval of Minister of federal territories before or on 31 December each year.


  2. To provide counter service costs efficiently by ensuring that the waiting time does not exceed 30 minutes during peak hours and not more than 15 minutes during normal.


  3. Provide payment within 14 working days from the date of receipt of a complete claim documents.


  4. Ensuring that the annual financial statements DBKL prepared and submitted to the Auditor not later than 30th April each year.


  5. Make sure that the data assessment sent to vendors who are appointed to process the printing and delivery of assessment Bill not later on 15th. January for the first term and on 15th. July for second term every year.


  6. Ensure that collection enforcement actions carried out according to the assessment provisions of the local Government Act 1976 on outstanding accounts.


  7. Provide financial information non-tax revenue account status/non-revenue receipts for revenue collection enforcement actions by the Department implementing every 3 months.


  8. Ensuring that all proceeds under the operations of the Department of bank on the same day while collection evening/holiday on the next working days.


  9. Ensure that the notice of claim by third parties complete submitted within 7 working days to the insurance appointed.


  10. Ensure that the acknowledgement of receipt to the public complaints made within one working day and the follow-up actions taken within 3 working days. The next response is made within 14 working days from date of receipt.