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Our Services


  1. Planning of Kuala Lumpur City Hall's human resource needs.

  2. Manage staffing, recruitment and placement of employees.

  3. Process applications to attend training, courses, seminars, conventions, visits and meetings domestically and internationally.

  4. Manage staff service confirmation.

  5. Manage staff promotion.

  6. Manage counseling services for problematic staff before disciplinary action is taken.

  7. Manage staff discipline including punitive disciplinary action.

  8. Process mandatory retirement and optional early retirement application.

  9. Manage joint departmental functions.

  10. Manage and coordinate air travel and accommodation for staff on official outstation duties.

  11. Processing applications for allowances from personnel on official duty.

  12. Process applications for loans and Mayor's Scholarships from staff.

  13. Process applications for loans to purchase computers and vehicles from staff.

  14. Processing of approved staff welfare assistance claims.

  15. Processing of staff group insurance claims.

  16. Management of staff quarters and rest house facilities.