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Department Profile

The Property Management & Valuation Department was established in 1958 and was then known as the Urban Valuation Office.

In 1975, the department was given a new name; the Property Management & Valuation Department Kuala Lumpur City Hall which was in line with the functions of the department.

The main functions of the department are to make tax valuations on a total of 478,449 pieces of private property in the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur which contributed an income of RM 398,607,492.98 million for the first half of 2012.

This department is headed by a Valuation Director JUSA C who is assisted by 1 Deputy Director W54, 2 Deputy Directors W52, 4 Valuation Officers W48 together with 14 Group A Officers. The division has a staff force of 221 personnel as at 2012.


Working together efficiently and productively towards improving Kuala Lumpur City Hall’s taxation assessment revenue.


Providing property valuation services that are efficient, of quality, friendly and accurate.