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Our Services


  1. Ensure Contract Procurement Management practices are uniformly implemented.
  2. Ensure the finacial management of projects is consistent with current procedures and circulars.
  3. Provide dynamic professional Quantity Surveying services in line with technological development.



The department provides Quantity Surveying services comprising of project management, cost control and contract administration for works, supplies and sevices procurement including Consultancy services and Privatisation projects as follow :

  1. Pre-conctract stage :
    1. Prepare Tender/Quatation Document.
    2. Prepare Cost Estimate.
    3. Prepare Tender Price Evaluation Report.
    4. Prepare Project Cost Planning and Management.

  2. Post contract stage :
    1. Rationalise prices in the Bill of Quantity, Schedule of Rate and Summary of Tender.
    2. Prepare Interim Payment Certificate.
    3. Prepare Final Account of Project.
    4. Manage project cash flow.
    5. Prepare Project Feasibili Study.
    6. Evaluate and Ascertain contractual claim of projects.
    7. Appraise claim for damages of projects.