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Cemetries & Crematoriums

The following are services provided by the Ministry of Health and the Environment for Cememertries  & Crematoriums:

ServicesOperating TimeContact No.Services OfferedCharges (RM)
Muslim Cemetries at Jalan Ampang and Jalan Kuari, Cheras


7.00 am – 7.00 pm

03-2021 0049 (Jalan Ampang)

03-9018 0015 (Jalan Kuari,Cheras)

Engage in  burial works for Muslims (according to residence/ areas and approval from the burial permit issuing officer)
Cheras Christian Crematorium and Cemetery

Monday – Sunday

8.00 am – 4.00 pm

03-9131 6429 Engage in cremation and burial works for Christians/ non-Muslims

Engage in cremation and burial works for :

  1. Christian Cremation (RM100)
  2. Burial on New Plots/Reservation (RM200)
  3. Reburial ( RM100)
  4. Burying of Ashes (RM16)