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Department Profile



The implementation of ICT at Kuala Lumpur City Hall began as early as the 1970. This was done separately (stand alone systems) by the various departments according to their needs and their usage. It was done through the supervision of the Information Technology Division that at the time was placed under the administration of the Finance Department.


In 1998, the development of ICT in City Hall entered a new phase when the administration took the drastic step of establishing the Multimedia Unit to implement E-Government projects in line with the National ICT Agenda (Nita) and the Multimedia Super Corridor Flagship Applications (Multimedia Super Corridor).


Following that, on the 1st of July 2002, the Information & Communication Technology Department was formally established.


From 1st of July 2011, this department known as Information Management Department.


As a full fledged department, its scope, roles and responsibilities increased. The department not only provides services for internal users, but also for the public and on a national and even international level.


This development should be offset with the increase of permanent personnel who are authoritative in carrying out and implementing the development duties of the department effectively.



ICT as a strategic alliance towards realizing DBKL as a leading Local Authority by 2015.


Encourage and empower ICTs through established digital networks towards delivering excellent service.