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Licence Application

1. How to made an application for a business license?
License application can be made through the following ways:
i.   Get the application form and register at the registration counters: Level 5, DBKL Tower 2, Jalan Raja Laut

ii.  Download the application form and send to the above registration counters.

Download Form

iii. Online Application via e-Licensing System
2. What is the payment method of the license application?
License is payable annually on the term of the license is in a dynamic (not necessarily end on December 31 each year).
License payment can only be made at DBKL payment counter by:
  • Cash
  • Money Order
  • Remittances
  • Bank Draft on the name of BENDAHARI BANDARAYA
  • Credit Card
3. Why is the approval of a license may be revoked?
License may be revoked through two ways:
i.  Application for revocation of a license by the licensee itself or
ii. Approval of the license is revoked by the department on the grounds of breach of licensing conditions.
4. In the event of loss of license, how to get a copy of the license?
Licensee may obtain a duplicate copy of the license from the Finance Division, Business Facilitation and Petty Traders Management Department. Fee will be charged.