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Our Services

General Objective

To monitor and improve the health status of the citizens of Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory.


Specific Objectives

  1. To improve the health status of individuals.
  2. To protect and improve the quality of th environment in the Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory.
  3. To control and improve the quality of food prepared for the masses.
  4. To prevent and control infectious diseases.
  5. To improve public health through health promotion and education.



  1. Monitor and control sanitation and hygiene of food premises and public places.
  2. Monitor and control the quality of food and drink through the inspection of food, for example: water and law enforcement.
  3. Monitor and control of industries, trades, and domestic activities that have an impact on the environment.
  4. Control infectious diseases.
  5. Monitor and control vector borne diseases and pests through dengue and malaria control and pest control activities.
  6. Inspect bodies for burial permits and death certificates.
  7. Carry out health education activities for the public.
  8. Provide immunization services to food operators and international travellers.
  9. Provide outpatient treatment for City Hall employees and their families.