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Client Charter

Our Department strives to provide the following services:-


  1. Manage a fleet of pooled vehicles / machinery in an structured manner and prepare schedule of supply of transportation based on demand as follows:-
    • Special use vehicles and machinery 75%
    • Special operations vehicles 80%
    • Protocol vehicles 90%
    • Goods transportation vehicles 88%

  2. Perform maintenance of vehicles / machinery in accordance with the manufacturers’ specifications and ensure that rate of breakdowns do not exceed the following percentages:-
    • Pooled Multi Purpose Vehicles 6.0%
    • Departmental Multi Purpose Vehicles 4.0%
    • Machinery 10%
    • Motorcycles 3.0%

Public Amenities

  1. Manage and perform maintenance of mechanical equipment ensuring that the rate of malfunction does not exceed 10%.

  2. Malfunctions of street lamps must be corrected within 3 days.

  3. Ensure that malfunctions of street lamps do not exceed 3% of the total number of street lamps (which represents 100%).

  4. Ensure that inspection patrols of street lamps at main and protocol roads are performed 8 times a month (which represents 100%).


  1. Preparation of technical specifications and documents for vehicles /machinery, machines and equipment according to the schedule below:-
      • Update recurring tender / quotation documents within 3 weeks.
      • Prepare all new tender / quotation documents within 2 months

  2. Prepare tender / quotation analysis within 3 weeks.

  3. Ensure delivery of new vehicles / machinery is completed not later than 24 months from the receipt of the endorsed annual budget book.

Central Store

  1. Ensure adequate supply of materials to the various departments within Kuala Lumpur City Hall and that supply will always meet the demand within percentages according to type as follows:-
    • Fuel (petrol and diesel) 100%
    • Stock of general goods 90%
    • Spare parts for vehicles, machines, motorcycle and mechanical equipment 85%

  2. Every requisition from the Central Store will be processed within 10 minutes according to queue and all ex-stock items will be issued within 20 minutes.

Project Development 

  1. Provide mechanical and electrical consultancy service and implement projects according to the ‘Building Team’ schedules while adhering to the following:-
    • Preparation of tender specifications that gives balance to cost factor and current technology in order to develop systems that are modern and safe within the allocated funds.
    • Preparation of tender documents within the following time frames:-
      a) Large scale projects 3 months
      b) Medium scale projects 2 months
      c) Small scale projects 1 month
    • Preparation of the tender analysis according to the following schedule:-
      a) Large scale projects 3 weeks
      b) Medium scale projects 2 weeks
      c) Small scale projects 1 week

Solid Waste Management

  1. Ensure solid waste collected at the Transfer Station are processed and disposed at the final disposal sites within 24 hours and the process complies with the EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) requirements.