Department Profile

Since its establishment in 1970, the Human Resource Management Department (JPSM) had undergone several changes in relation to the status of the department. However, these changes did not involved changes in its functions. Among the traditional functions of JPSM that had been implemented for sometime is the work force planning, staff appointments and placements, services, performance development, development of human capital, welfare management, counselling and retirement.


Now, in line with the changes in the global environment, JPSM is faced with an enormous challenge in forming a human capital which is of quality in order to ensure that DBKL will become a competitive organization. Therefore, JPSM carries a huge responsibility to equip DBKL with employees who are competent as to ensure that DBKL’s vision  and mission are achieved.


Other than performing its traditional functions, JPSM has been given the responsibility as the secretariat for programs to enhance the performance of DBKL, programme to increase the innovation culture and an image enhancement program for DBKL.


In relation to DBKL’s performance enhancement programme, JPSM is responsible to implement MS ISO 9001 : 2008, the Key Performance Index (KPI) and Work Management System through the 5S Practice. On the other hand, the Innovation Culture Enhancement Programme is implemented by setting up the Innovative and Creative Group (KIK) at every department/unit and the program to generate innovative ideas from every department, groups or individuals. The KIK group had been awarded recognition during the KIK Convention at DBKL level and innovative ideas were awarded recognition on Innovation Day at DBKL level.


Other than that, JPSM is also acting as the secretariat for programmes to enhance the image of DBKL such as the Local Authority Star Rating System and the Local Government Innovation Award as well as other awards competition.



Employees of Kuala Lumpur City Hall who are competent by the year 2015.



To implement the functions of Human resource Management efficiently and effectively based on the implementation of the best practice.