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Our Services


  1. Implement and monitor the best technology for Kuala Lumpur City Hall that is in line with the Government’s ICT Policy, National ICT Agenda in particular (NITA) and Multimedia Super Corridor Flagship Applications (Multimedia Super Coridor).
  2. Plan, implement and monitor the ICT Strategic Plan (ISP) that supports the vision, mission and objectives of City Hall.
  3. Implement the best ICT systems support to improve the quality of service to city dwellers.
  4. Implementation of the best ICT technical support services for user departments.
  5. Implement and monitor network services of DBKLnet to operate safely and full-time (24 hours a day x 7 days a week).
  6. Implement and monitor the technical training system for City Hall staff to achieve 100% ICT usage after the delivery systems are developed.
  7. Implementing staff development programs to equip them with the latest information technology skills and expertise to provide the best support and advice to departments in City Hall.
  8. Implement continuous improvement of service delivery systems so that applications in Kuala Lumpur City Hall are at their best level.
  9. Implement and support ICT development programs in Kuala Lumpur City Hall.

The role and responsibilities of the Information & Communication Technology Department have grown in scope. It now not only provides services to all internal users but also represents Kuala Lumpur City Hall at the national and international stage.



In order to transform Kuala Lumpur City Hall into a state of the art electronic and paperless office, the Information and Communication Technology Department serves the following functions:

  1. Plan, coordinate, develop and oversee the ICT upgrading and computerisation of of all departments in Kuala Lumpur City Hall in a continuous effort to improve the quality of our service delivery system.
  2. Provide a safe and reliable network and telecommunications infrastructure to support the implementaion of computerisation efforts.
  3. Plan, coordinate and provide management services and server administration and ICT technical support for the latest ICT facilities.
  4. Provide the infrastructure for Internet and electronic mail facilities between Kuala Lumpur City Hall and other government agencies as well as the private sector and the general public and to facilitate speedy access to information and communication in a paperless office environment.
  5. Plan, develop and maintain the Kuala Lumpur City Hall web portal to stream department information and current Kuala Lumpur City Hall activities to the city dwellers in a fast and accurate manner. n cepat