Sunday, 19th April 2015 [ 11:00:27am ]
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Client Charter

  1. All proposals to develop multimedia and system applications will be analyzed within 30 working days.
  2. Multimedia production development will be carried out within 14 working days upon receiving complete information from the user department.
  3. For all ICT related inquiries, complaints and hardware, software, systems and networks problems faced by the users will be given initial response within 1 working day.
  4. Update all website and portal content in the Kuala Lumpur City Hall sites within 3 working days from the date we receiving the information.
  5. Ensure all server and network operations and services are online contuniously (24 hours x 7 days).
  6. Conduct preventive maintenance measures on the server, network and system applications at least once every 6 months.